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Default Re: Message to the young ballers.

Originally Posted by Straight_Ballin
Runners high and 2nd wind is no joke. Capitalize on a 2nd wind after 4 games in the same night and you can do some serious damage to the opposition.

I've been running regularly since I was 20 when I joined the military, so yeah, i can relate. Given my advanced age, when I know I am going to play full court games, I run 5 miles (with some hills) two days before the game. My legs just need that shock factor to go through that discomfort and grind. Without the harsh pounding from the run, my legs would feel like jello against the young legs. That's really the only way I can still stay with the young legs and still impact the game. Without that run, I would be much less impactful. Stamina is a crucial factor the older you get.
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