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Default We Need Kyle Lowry

i went to disney today to go to the nba prospect workouts and i saw zeke, larry brown, larry bird and a few more coaches, while i was helping the players workout for the nba prospect i noticed cendric simmons arms and he has a 7'4 wingspan, he was doing winmills and three sixties off vert from the block!! it was crazy but the best player at the camp was kyle lowry, this kid is the next chauncey billups and you better believe me when i tell you, no one on the court could stay in front of him, another gaurd i saw was darius washington jr my good friend from high school and middle school, he was crossing rashad anderson like it was easy, patrick o'bryant impressed me and will be a top 12 pick, but i just couldnt believe how lowry was so good he was taking people off the dribble and pulling way deeper then nba range he was dunkin on people crossing, playin d, i love his game
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