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Default Re: The 2016 Big East Tournament

Originally Posted by JimmyMcAdocious
You going to try the ACC Tournament for a day when it's in NY? Think it's supposed to be at Barclays the next couple years.

Has the experience changed in the BE Tournament since it's basically been downgraded to a midmajor?

Good questions. I'm a Syracuse fan going back a long way, and the temptation of seeing Duke, Carolina, and a few others, will probably cause me to at least look into the ACC. However this year at least you could make the case The Big East was the better conference. Nova and Xavier both landed two seeds. It would really help the conference if one of those teams could make a Final Four run.

The other thing that I suspect will happen with the ACC being in town, is that the price will be driven down at the Big East, which I'm not terribly concerned about. I spend plenty of money every year there. But I'll certainly take what I can get.

I've been to the Barclays four times since it's opened. It's a pretty nice arena experience. And it's small enough that I don't think you get many bad seats. But Brooklyn, in spite of it's gentrification, just isn't midtown. The commute from the downtown area we've been staying would pretty much be the same either way. However my buddy's sister had twins, and is moving to the suburbs, so our need to stay there would be pretty slim, other than the fact that I really like that area.

The tone of the Big East has changed since Syracuse and UConn have left, among others, but honestly those were the two. In fact, BC leaving many years ago was probably a bigger hit than even Louisville or Pittsburgh with the recent change. I think the big change though is in the crowd as much as it is in the on court product. Most of the crowd at this point still feels like it's on vacation. There's a lot of people from Xavier, Creighton, Butler, etc., who come into the game and start talking about shows they saw on Broadway last night, where they went for dinner, and what they plan to do tonight. And a lot of people seem to come for their own game, and then ditch the session when it's over (that happened with the old guard too to a degree). The more local teams, particularly UConn and Syracuse, had crowds that tended to be used to the Garden, and the city in general. They felt a little more lively. Syracuse has a ton of fans in the city, and those guys seemed to come out of nowhere. And UConn fans are loaded with commuters, who are usually loaded with alcohol from the train ride down.

One HUGE question I have about the ACC ... one of the big seller for The Big East over the years has been the rumor I've heard that it's one of only a few of the conference tournaments that serve alcohol. I know the Big Ten doesn't. From what I understand, the conferences can't serve alcohol. But the Big East doesn't run it's own tournament, the Garden itself pays for the rights to the tournament. It's some kind of loophole that I don't see why Barclay's couldn't use too, but I'd want to know ahead of time.
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