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Default Re: The 2016 Big East Tournament

Originally Posted by JimmyMcAdocious
Not sure if it's conference based, but they do serve alcohol. I know for a fact they served at the tournament in DC this year.

One of the things on my sports bucket list was to go to the Big East Tournament before it got picked apart. Too bad. Something about the Big East Tournament not long ago and the ACC Tournament before it expanded and was the only way to get into the NCAA Tournament... That's college basketball at it's purest, imo. Never got to experience either.

btw, if you want BC back you can have them. Winless in-conference in football and basketball? Come on.

I have some friends who went to Barclays and some who went to Providence yesterday, and neither place served. Again, it may be a matter of the NCAA renting the arena and hosting, as opposed to in the case of the Big East, or the tournament you went to in DC last year, where the arena hosts, so they can do as they see fit, and they just buy the rights to the tournament.

And yeah, I know BC sucks, I just wish the conferences stayed more territorial, and BC was a big part of the northeastern catholic school basis of the conference. I hate BC. I got into a fight with their fans the year before they left the conference.

The real villain is Notre Dame. Had they joined the BE fully, none of the football centric schools would've felt they had to leave. And if you watched that Big East 30 for 30, the conference was really close to getting Penn State, which would've been a great fit.
Either way it would've led to problems eventually. The non-football schools would've eventually become some kind of weird sub-set. And the conference would've expanded further just to keep the football schools in play.
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