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Default Re: Will Anthony Davis be a bust?

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Yeah, I would imagine that half the reasons scouts get paid is their network. Cultivating resources and collecting unmeasurable data is a huge advantage in every industry.

But it's a shame that Davis is going to rot in NO. He was compared to KG out of college and his career path looks similar. I bet he plays out the contract in NO and they have a semi-title contending team at the tail end of the contract on his shoulders but he will have to leave to win.

His track reminds me a little of Lebron's in Cleveland, when they decided to try to surround him with good but not great pieces to give the illusion of contending, when what they actually did was hamstring themselves from getting the real supporting cast they needed, which includes having a roster with cheap rookie deals that function, which is why I found it odd Lebron was so quick to give up on the Wiggins pick coming back to Cleveland.

And now that he's claimed he's been playing with a labrum that requires surgery, along with the rest of the spate of injuries this team has had, it seems like they'd need to really have a look at their training staff. And to me, that's the type of thing that could get a guy like Davis to walk, because the money is going to be similar everywhere, so the stuff the franchise does beyond that really matters.
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