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Default Re: Keeper League question

I wouldn't keep Durant over Josh Smith, Amare, Deron, and Al Jeff. Your boys are all 1st and 2nd rounders in a redraft league.

Kevin Durant is a fine player for years to come. Probably a multi-cat player in the shape of...dare I say...Kobe and Rashard. Scoring beast while hitting all cats. Not Arenas(assist beast), Nash(assist Beast), Dirk(rebounds, and %'s), Marion(Mulit-cat specialist without being a primary offensive weapon), Garnett(Rebound, %'s, minus the threes), Lebron(actually closer than i thought)

You want to trade for Nash..Releasing/trading Nash down the road? Bad idea... Deron(younger, much younger) and Nash are 10+ assist men. Locking one category down all by themself. Not to mention their all-around fantasy prowess. Scorers like Durant can be found all over the place during the draft.

Other 10+ assist men:
Chris Paul
Deron William
Jason Kidd

Couple honorable mentions
Tj ford

Tyson and RJ don't hold a light next to your other keepers. Keeping them to open up your draft round is another bad idea.
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