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Default Re: The further adventures...

Originally Posted by DoctorP
Friday 4.22.15 3 hour low/medium impact workout.

I'm doing okay. Has it really been a month? Unbelievable. I was doing well after my last update but then I guess I got cocky and decided I needed to "chill" to congratulate myself on feeling good about my productivity. This led to me to go into a weed coma for about three weeks. This is not productive for me in the least. I basically went into "low-power mode" and just watched terrible Youtube clickbait content for about two weeks, barely getting out of the apartment. Weed does this to me. I don't know why I keep going to it, I guess I really like it. It pisses me off that I give into my addiction and cease to function normally but eventually I was able to stop smoking enough to get my wits about me again and begin to work out. Today, I basically ran, played shitty 3 on 3s and tried to get the cobwebs out of my system. A successful re-entry back into the world of fitness. Damn, I'm sore. The worst thing was a group of high-schoolers watched me pull some old-man shit like flubbing a layup while getting no lift and did their "monkey excitement" thing where they run around and laugh like cartoon characters.

Today's lesson: I'm a weed zombie. I need to seriously limit my weed intake to almost nil. Also: Don't get cocky, stay consistent.

And dude, I can kinda relate with the weed thing. I don't smoke anymore but back when I was 17-18 I smoked hella weed and basically had the same behavioral habits.... getting complacent and putting your progress on hold...

I would justify it by telling myself I'm avoiding injuries by chilling instead of playing, but I've never had an injury in my life and really had no reason to be concerned about them. Weed just makes you a lazy ****.
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