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Originally Posted by GoRapz
Charlie V and Rudy both play the 3. Will one of them get traded if Gay is aqquired?

I would assume if Bryan Colangelo feels that Rudy Gay is the pick, then they would just go with the small lineup that we've seen fail before, only difference being would that Colangelo would be forced to get a point guard that can handle running that type of team. If this were to happen, then I would see him building the Raptors exactly like he built the Suns and going entirely small and athletic, something like:

PG - (Pass-First, Athletic Point Guard)
SG - Morris Peterson
SF - Rudy Gay
PF - Charlie Villaneuva
CT - Chris Bosh

The problem is though, if you decide to do that, where do you find that point guard, athletic guys whom are pass first point guards don't grow on trees, and Colangelo would need to find a good one in order to make the system work, I do not believe that you can plug a mediocre talent at PG in that system and think that it will work.
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