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Default Re: Great deals at Finishline right now

Originally Posted by sammichoffate
I wanted the D Lillard 2's instead, but they're not as good outdoors compared to these. Sucks cuz it's a better overall shoe unless you get the primeknit ones

I'll probably give those a try next. I'm at a place where a soft ride is pretty important so I went with boost over bounce but from what I've read bounce is pretty good too.

Originally Posted by eliteballer
Have a love/hate relationship with lows. On the one hand, the minimalist fit and weight(for most) helps with mobility but if I'm going hard in the paint with post-ups and slashing then I feel more comfortable with something more substantial.

Yeah highs seem to give you some mental security but I've landed on feet with lows and highs and it hurts either way.
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