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Originally Posted by Pistol Pete
The problem is though, if you decide to do that, where do you find that point guard, athletic guys whom are pass first point guards don't grow on trees, and Colangelo would need to find a good one in order to make the system work, I do not believe that you can plug a mediocre talent at PG in that system and think that it will work.

Jay Williams? Doesn't have the explosiveness he used to, but he is a pass first guy, and I read an article that stated some very important things about his game:
1. He is studying how Steve Nash plays, because he figures now that he is less explosive he needs to rely more on court vision and footwork to get the job done
2. He loves Toronto.. the city, team, staff, everything. Thats the kinda guy Toronto needs. Someone who wants to be there.
3. Since his injury, he has had a burning desire to return to the game and make an immediate impact, and from what I read, he's the same JayWill, with less explosiveness but a better shot and more basketball IQ.

I realize this isn't the ideal guy to have, but I think he may be the best available.
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