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Originally Posted by Admiral
yikes i didn't know he was that undrafted

I drafted Haywood in a 14 teamer 13 players with my last pick. But i didn't start him this week Starting him for damn sure the rest of the year.

Players mentioned are good players. These guys will only help mostly as util players or in deep leagues. Or super deep leagues. Probably injury fillins.

Salmons is a forward so Bibby shouldn't affect him much, but help more. Garcia will lose pt to bibby.

Cook, I don't trust.

Some sleepers i like that are waaaay under the radar. They may not be servicable fantasy players. But look out.

Marques Daniels indiana. Diogu same team same fastpaced offense. everybody will get a chance to provide

Posey...veteran who will get pt at guard/forward. Celtics do not a true point guard to run the offense. rayray, pierce, garnett, posey all serve as the distributers.

Jarod Dudley in charlotte will ball while Jrich and Gwallace play connect 4 in street clothes.

Jose Juan Barea was incredible tonight for Dallas filling in for Harris. INCREDIBLE.


Sean marks in phx has center eligibility and rocked the preseason.

Nuggets Atkins when he returns.

Kyle Lowry and JCN

Ryan Gomes

Bobby Simmons


Nate Robinson...probably best chance on the list.

JOey Graham
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