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Default Re: The further adventures...

Saturday 5.14.16 2 hour med/low impact workout.

My travels on the "ladder of fitness" have become a yo-yo since hitting a high point a few entries back. I have been working nights which has me hanging around more cigarette smokers. I haven't been smoking too much but I have bummed a few squares. I really haven't been too active lately but I have been doing push-ups quite regularly so it hasn't been a total loss. When I finally got back on the court today I felt sluggish but my shot felt better than it had been feeling the last time. No muscle pinching or anything. I ran a couple of light full-court games and but was too gassed to finish the second one. Now, for reals, I will continue to get back out there two-to-three times a week to get back into decent shape. I feel flabby. I need core work.

How did I play? Pretty damn good. I blocked the shit out of one dude and hit most of my J's. I'm so glad my jumper hasn't left me. My stop and pops felt very Dragic-esque and so did some of my turnovers. We won the game I finished and we were leading 10-0 when I left the second game. I felt gassed after running the length of the court, crossing some dude and then having the ball rim out on a layup. I should have converted that.

Lesson of the day: Fitness is really about consistency. If you do a little bit every day it is better than doing a lot and then not doing anything and then going back to doing a lot and then... well you get the point. Consistency. I need to break a sweat everyday.

PS: I realized I had been labeling my last few entries as 2015. Obviously, they have been 2016.

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