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Default Re: The further adventures...

Monday 5.16.16 2.5 hour med/low impact workout.

Ballers log. Supplemental.

Boring day today. The court was too packed and I was able to get one game in at the beginning but it sucked and I didn't feel like waiting and playing any more games. Just shot around and tried to strengthen my core with sporadic pushups and some little dinky shit maneuvers (also had fun doing some soccer moves with the bball, I probably looked like an idiot). I worked up a good sweat though and I am more tired than I expected to be. I ate a double dose of pasta and veggies last night so I think I had more energy than usual. I do feel myself getting stronger and my pushup count is going up. Thats a win. Not much else to report. The moon looked really cool today. It's the 16th day of the 5th month of the 16th year of the second Roman Greco Millennium.
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