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While I believe that C-Webb is a clear upgrade over Ronald Dupree (we have enough that can play SF), I stand firm with my belief that minutes are the problem, not whether or not he's an upgrade. There just aren't enough minutes in the game for another big man with his skill set. Why bring him back later in the season, when Maxiell and Johnson have another half season of experience under their belts, the team has begun to gel, and chemistry is established?

The answer is, there is no room for C-Webb unless there's a serious injury to a big. Rasheed and McDyess are there for consistency and dependability, Mohammed is there to check the bigger bigs (O'Neal, Howard so far), and Johnson and Maxiell are there to bring energy. Of all those roles, C-Webb fits in the first one the best. If something happened to Rasheed or Antonio, he'll get a call. If not, I really don't see what role C-Webb will fill and who's minutes he'll take.
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