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I'd be okay with any of those players joining the team. I'm not sure about Haywood/Thomas' contracts, but if there reasonable they could be good pickups. It all comes down to what kind of team BC is trying to build. It seems as though he enjoys the uptempo pace and small lineups, but any team needs bigs right?

I could see Etan Thomas fitting in, with a role similiar to that of Kurt Thomas/Brian Grant on the suns. He's strong as a bull, can run the floor, and can rebound(not to mention a little bit of scoring from offensive rebounds).

Haywood on the other hand isn't as athletic, but he is a 7footer with a big frame. I just don't see him fitting in with the Raptors. If they were to acquire a big from the Wizards, Thomas would be the better fit.

As far as Joey Graham vs Jarvis Hayes goes, I think Hayes is the better all around player, as of right now, but I'd rather Joey for the Raps. I think he has more time to develop, and while his offense isn't up to par with Hayes, his defense is, and thats what Toronto needs. Not taking anything away from Hayes' defense, it just isn't on the same level as Grahams. Joey is a true defender and will be for the next 10+ years.
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