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Default Hawks Fans Check In

They have this in the Celtics Forum, so I figured we could do it here. I already got NBA4EVER's post in the last thread, but he can do it like this if he wants.

Location- Ida Grove, Iowa
Favorite Current Hawk- Joe Johnson
Favorite Former Hawk- Spud Webb
Best Hawks Memory- Win against the Mavs (I'm new to them)
Other NBA Teams You Root For- My top tier is the Lakers, the Sonics, and the Bobcats
Other Sports Teams You Root For- Iowa Hawkeyes, Florida Gators, Texas Longhorns, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Boston Red Sox. I don't watch baseball or hockey, I just picked a couple of cool teams.

Here's the format, just copy-paste:

Favorite Current Hawk-
Favorite Former Hawk-
Best Hawks Memory-
Other NBA Teams You Root For-
Other Sports Teams You Root For-

Here's our list so far:

1. marny_navis
2. csc30

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