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Default Re: Lottery Mock Draft 1.0

Originally Posted by jamal99
1 O.J. Mayo PG/SG
11/05/1987; 65; 200 lbs. Seattle Supersonics (PHI)
USC, Freshman
Why is Seattle drafting a PG?They already have 3

2 Michael Beasley PF/SF
01/09/1989; 69; 220 lbs. Philadelphia 76ers (SEA)
Kansas State, Freshman

3 Derrick Rose PG
10.01.1988; 64; 190 lbs. Portland Trailblaizers
Memphis, Freshman
Portland has 5 PG's already

4 Nicolas Batum SF
12/14/1988; 68; 209 lbs. Milwaukee Bucks
Le Mans Basket, France
If Milwaukee is this bad they'll most likely trade this pick to get Redd some help

5 Roy Hibbert C
12/11/1986; 72; 272 lbs. Sacramento Kings
Georgetown, Senior
No Possible Way.NEVER

6 Chase Budinger SG/SF
05/22/1988; 67; 190 lbs. New York Knicks
Arizona, Sophomore
No.Isiah is too hard to predict,this pick will probably be apart of a trade

7 Brook Lopez PF/C
04/01/1988; 611; 230 lbs. Los Angeles Clippers
Stanford, Sophomore
Lopez hurt his stock with his suspension,he might fall

8 Tywon Lawson PG
11/03/1987; 60; 175 lbs. Charlotte Bobcats
North Carolina, Sophomore
Raymond Felton is their PG,Charlotte needs a C

9 Eric Gordon PG/SG
12/25/1988; 62; 190 lbs. Indiana Pacers
Indiana, Freshman
Dead On.

10 Danilo Gallinari SF
08/08/1988; 69; 209 lbs. Golden State Warriors
Milano, Italia
Gallinari stock has fallen,Golden State will probably draft a PG here

11 Darren Collison PG
08/23/1987; 61; 165 lbs. Memphis Grizzlies
UCLA, Junior
Conley,Lowry,Navarro.Do you watch basketball?

12 Ante Tomic C
02/17/1987; 72; 237 lbs. Minnesota Timberwolves
KK Zagreb, Croatia
No way they're taking anything European in this draft.Jordan goes here

13 DeAndre Jordan PF/C
611; 225 lbs. Atlanta Hawks
Christian Life Center Academy, HS
This pick goes to Phoenix
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