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Default Re: Lottery Mock Draft 1.0

Originally Posted by Interminator
Completely horrible

1.Sacramento-OJ Mayo(need for playmaker)
2.Clippers-Darrell Arthur(with Mayo off the board,helps replace Brand if he leaves)
3.Minnesota-Roy Hibbert(Center is their biggest need and they'll stretch)
4.Philadelphia-Michael Beasley(Need for a SF/PF to pair with Iggy)
5.Phoenix(Via Atlanta)-Nicolas Batum(Perfect for their style of play)
6.Indiana-Eric Gordon(Need SG,Gordon is from Indianapolis)
7.Portland-Donte Greene(Rashard Lewis Jr,front court of Greene,Aldridge,Oden is scary)
8.Seattle-Chase Buddinger(Buddinger is a freakish athlete at SG,Dunleavy with athleticism)
9.New York-Traded.They're going to make some moves next offseason too early to predict what they'll do here
10.Charlotte-DeAndre Jordan
11.Cleveland-Derrick Rose(yes he will definetly slip unless somebody trades up)
forget the rest

Rose at 11 is laughable. I can see your love for OJ shining through, but I don't see a team that needs a playmaker drafting him over Rose. If anything I can see Rose's stock a little higher than Mayo at draft time, with more than one team drooling at a franchise-caliber point guard. Mayo could easily be the better player in the long run, but I think depending on who drafts him, his NBA career will probably mostly be spent at the SG spot.
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