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Default 2007-2008 Seattle Supersonics Elimination Game

Since this is possibly the last year to play an elimination game as the SEATTLE Supersonics, I thought it'd be nice to do one during the regular season. You don't have to post regularly here, it's just a nice thing to have whenever news is scarce. A few rules: 1.) You may only post once an hour. 2.) You get two positive and two negative votes until there are only three players left in the game. 3.) Have fun!

Nick Collison 10
Kevin Durant 11 (+)
Mickael Gelabale 10
Jeff Green 10
Johan Petro 10
Luke Ridnour 10
Mouhamed Sene 10
Robert Swift 10
Wally Szczerbiak 10
Kurt Thomas 10
Earl Watson 10
Delonte West 10
Chris Wilcox 11 (+)
Damien Wilkins 10
Clay Bennett 9 (-)
Howard Schultz 9 (-)
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