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Default Re: Worst injury you've sustained while playing?

I've been lucky enough to avoid the Achilles tears; ditto on no major knee ailments as of yet.

My most serious injury was likely the ruptured tendon in my hand around 2007. Strangely, it didn't hurt a ton (until post-surgery when I missed a round of painkillers) but it probably still stands as the biggest deal in terms of ailments.

My most painful basketball injury may be a toss up between my broken wrist and a couple of my worst ankle sprains. And even then, the pain never tipped the scales, but each hurt enough to be more than a little annoying. My parents made me hold a frying pan with my broken wrist to prove to me that I needed medical attention and that hurt really good. And there's been a couple of day-after situations where I've had to literally crawl out of bed and around the house following ankle injuries.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I've wrecked each of my ankles enough that I'm eventually going to need to have those surgically addressed.
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