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Originally Posted by plowking
Got this on PS and man it is a load of fun. So much chaos you don't know what is going on half the time.

What is everyones go to character atm? I use D.VA. Pretty handy being able to have your suit go to shit, and then have the ability to play as the chick inside. Think it is one of the more overpowered characters at the moment.
Reaper is really cool once you get the hang of him too.

Most overpowered is definitely Mccree and Mei, Mcree for the flashbang + fan the hammer combo because there's nothing you can do against the flashbang unless you are genji to deflect and Mei is just insanely OP when you have a good team. Her ability for close range combat with the freeze and the long range ice bolt is insane. If you are lucky that right click bolt (whatever button is it on the console) can one hit kill tracer on the head. I can solo against anyone with Mei and her survival skills is also insane with the self freeze immunity thing and the ice wall.

Against more casual players it would be fine but against players that are competent and knows how to exploit them it is a nightmare.
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