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Default Re: Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley

Originally Posted by Valliant13
Derrick Rose is 6'4, and a poor shooter. He's also a excellent pure point guard , with a pass first mentality, great court vision, and the abilty to split the D and kick it out...why would that suggest a SG in any way?
I've only seen Rose in short stints. However, I didn't see a PG in those few minutes.

All I seen was a 6'4" kid with no real jumper who used excellent quickness to get into the lane and then pass.

He didn't control tempo offensively or defensively and wasn't especially accurate with his passes.

Originally Posted by Interminator
Bayless is the second coming of Arenas down at Arizona,but he'll make much more of an impact....

Those guys could've been lottery picks last year and bumped Law to the 2nd round

the 2nd class
I don't consider Arenas a PG. Hell, I don't even view him as a combo guard. He's a straight up SG in my view.

I will say that you are one of the few people to put up all the potential prospects. Most people only bring up Rose, OJ Mayo, Bayliss, Eric Gordon, and Tywan Lawson.

I think the difference in view is that you are looking at the guys who may come out for 2008 while I'm looking at the guys who will be likely to come out.
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