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Default Re: The further adventures...

6.3.2016 3 Hour Med/ High impact workout

My girlfriend moved in my pad and has been feeding me. Since I'm usually broke this means a lot more calories, etc. And I even ate some huge steaks. On the one hand this can be bad for my fitness since I'm intaking more crap but today I felt great on the court. I had no tiredness and I ran, ran, ran and played a full court game with no issues. I am feeling pretty strong. All this plus I hit my first floater over a 6'8 guy ever. Felt damn good. Yeah he blocked the shit out of me on a transition attempt but I got him with the floater. Not bad for a guy thats almost 40.

Today's lesson: I have to learn to not get trapped under the rim on transitions. Just float back and hit a midrange or hit someone on a roll.
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