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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

9. Toronto (From Denver via New York)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Toronto has another run in them with this current configuration, so they’re either looking for future payoff, or depth. They used a first rounder not long ago on future, in Coboclo, and they will be losing depth this year because they’re probably get outbid for Biyambo, and probably lose Scola too. So another big is probably where they look. Ellensen would probably be considered a steal at this point, and while he doesn’t do any of the stuff Biyambo did for them, they’d almost have to take him.
WHAT I WOULD DO: I’d be thinking along the same lines, but in my line Ellensen is gone. Brown is still looming as the highest mocked player out there, but as I said, I just am not fond of him. Last year I think it was Stanley Johnson I had this thing about, and they’re similar players, but Johnson actually shot it much better than it seemed, and I liked him more than I like Brown. Even Brown’s instincts seem out of whack to me. Of the remaining bigs I have on this side, Sabonis and Poetl to me don’t pair well enough with Valenciunas, and he’s signed long haul. I think I’d roll the dice with pedigree, and take Labassier. I actually think he’d be a great fit here. He can protect the rim some behind Val, and stretch the floor on offense, and not be asked to do too much with the ball. And there’s upside if his instincts improve. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if things fell the way they did in my What I Think Will Happen Side, if they wouldn’t take Skal over Ellensen even, just because of the higher ceiling and potential fit.

10. Milwaukee
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: The Bucks are one of the weirdest mock teams out there. Some people say they need shooting, but they’ve got Khris Middleton and Jabari long term. Some say they need size, but they’re playing Monroe and John Henson and Miles Plumlee. And I’ve seen them tied to Point Guards because of a dislike of MCW. I’m betting they’d love Ellensen to fall here, he’s local, and helps with some of the shooting and size, but I have him gone already. Guards in this range are Dejounte Murray, and Wade Baldwin. I don’t think they need to reach for either of them. Labassiere is still here on this side, and while he brings some duplication, they have a tough roster to upgrade from this spot, so to me potential is worth the risk here. It’s another long athlete, and with the potential to help shooting wise. I think he fits.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Now Brown is really hanging around, but he feels like a terrible fit here. The good stuff he brings to the table, like potentially a defensive plug, gets pushed aside by the fact that Giannis would do it better. If you’re not going to put Brown on the other team’s best player, like The Pistons did with Stanley Johnson, why even bother? I’m not a huge Dejounte Murray fan either, for some of the same reasons. Ball dominant but probably not good enough to warrant it, and can’t shoot. Might as well just keep MCW. The Devil You Know, as the saying goes. Monroe gets big money for another couple years, but I’d look inside anyway. John Hensen is niche defender and PnR big at this point. I’d choose between Poetl, and Deyonta Davis. The roster is young, long, athletic, and probably built to be a defensive team, so I’d probably go Davis, even though in a vacuum I think Poetl is potentially a better player.
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