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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

11. Orlando
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: The small positions would be extremely hard to upgrade for this roster from this spot. But so long as they have Vucevic playing center, and heís such a good scorer and rebounder, they pretty much have to, theyíre going to need help defending the rim, and if they can get that with shooting, that would be the goal. So mocks have had Labissiere going here all over the place, but Iím predicting heíll be gone already on both sides of this thing. As much as he got hammered this year, he still brings a unicorn like skill set, so I just donít see him falling this far. I really like Poetl and Sabonis, but neither fit here. Deyonta Davis is still on this side of things, and while he may not be a PF, his defense may play next to Vucevic, and his perimeter game shows inklings of existing. Itís not a great way for things to fall for Orlando, but it may be the best they can do.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Still, Jaylen Brown, but talk about a team that doesnít need his particular skill set. I donít like any of the fits I see around here, and thereís even a lot of limited upside. So if Iím in charge, I really roll the dice here. I take Thon Maker. Heís got huge upside, so why not go with that rather than a fit piece that may not really upgrade over the pieces you already have. Like Skal, heís got some potential to defend the rim and stretch the floor. Some Serge Ibaka possibilities. Heís obviously got some real limited instincts, but to me itís worth seeing what you can do with him.

12. Utah
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: This is a team with a pretty well set front line in Gobert, Favors, and Hayward. They even have some depth with Rodney Hood at the three, and even Trey Lyles still has potential. I mention this because I keep seeing Poetl mocked here. I donít know if itís the local connection or not. I will admit, I really love Poetl, but this team seems like a terrible fit. Heís a genuine center, just like Gobert, with little room for flexibility. Even if they went big, Iíd almost prefer Sabonis, who to me has a little more versatility at least defensively. Theyíre also hard to get a read on, because they have so much more info on Dante Exum than the public does. Iím still not sure if heís even a PG or not. I see them going in the backcourt, and guessing Wade Baldwin. Heís a bit of duplication of Exum, but both of them feel like combo guards, and both have size and athleticism that would let them play together. He would give them insurance for Exum, and the chance to play together. His jumper is getting better, and physically he measures great, so he could play SG on either end.
WHAT I WOULD DO: I would go with more pure shooting. Furkan Korkmaz is probably the best shooter at this point. Heís got more prototype SG size, and enough ball handling to fit into a bigger scheme than just a catch and shoot weapon. And heís really young. Not the athlete Baldwin is, but probably a better pure shooter. I guess in my scenario Iím counting on Exum becoming a legit PG. I think if I were running the team, Iíd have to think that way.
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