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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

13. Phoenix (From Washington)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Phx has a ton of picks, and I already have them addressing their glaring PF need at four. They seem to have enough assets tied up in the backcourt that I just canít see them going that rout. I can envision them trying to stash someone overseas at this point. Korkmaz probably duplicates Devin Booker a bit much at this point. There are two bigs you see paired together in the mocks all the time, Ante Zizic and Ivica Zubac. Zizic is a guy I feel like thatís been talked about forever, but heís still only 19. Zubac I admittedly know almost nothing about. Zizic I think theyíll take and try to keep over for another year while then hope they can use him as protection when Alex Lenís contract comes up and they still arenít sure what he is.
WHAT I WOULD DO: At 13, my opinion of Jaylen Brown would probably matter less than the general opinion of him. However, this roster is a really tough fit for him. Knight plays a little two. They like TJ Warren and Archie Goodwin, and obviously Booker. Christ, PJ Tucker is kinda what Brown is in my opinion. I have concerns about Len myself, and I do really like Poetl, in spite of his slipping so far. I donít like him quite enough however to ruin Lenís confidence before figuring him out. Stashing isnít a terrible idea, but based on what Iíve read, Iím not sure the value is there. Zizicís big not is his ďmotorĒ, which is a tough sell for me at 13. I think Iíd double up on my PFs, I already took Bender, who maybe can stretch the floor and move more, so I go more traditional, and take Sabonis. Heís a lock to be a rotational player in the league. Very little downside. Heís going to rebound. Heís going to fit in because heís such a good passer and heís smart and tough. At worst heís the type of piece a good team might trade for during a run.

14. Chicago
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Noahís gone, Gasol is probably gone. This team is really undergoing and identity change. I know thereíre rumblings about potentially moving Jimmy Butler, but I just donít see it. I know he fit more under the old regimeís identity. But heís too good a player to just get rid of. Butler, Portis, Mirotic being a matchup problem, figuring out whatís there with Snell, and what role McDermott can play on a real roster is pretty much the point of this coming season in my mind. Iíd add figuring out of Rose is able and willing to return and just be a piece, which isnít always easy to do in a city you once owned. I could see Rose going on to be a good player somewhere else, but it would be hard to accept just good in this city. Seeing as heís fallen this far, I think theyíd go Poetl. Portis isnít a center. Poetl can really rebound and defend at the rim just with his size. Heís got good hands and is a good passer. This could potentially be a steal just because he doesnít fit in a ton of other spots.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Again, Brown still hanging around, but Iíd rather play Snell more and figure him out. Snell has had some great stretches, and has looked great in stuff like Summer League. There still might be more there. My fondness of Poetl is apparent above, and Iíd do the same thing. Iíd take Poetl in a heartbeat at this point. Iím already prepared to regret not taking him earlier in place of some of the more upside-y bigs.
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