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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

15. Denver (From Houston)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: In both lines of thinking, I had Denver taking Buddy Hield here to help address their shooting. The highest rated players on most boards that are still left would be Sabonis, who I don’t think pairs great with the two “Itches”, Dejounte Murray, who’s sort of a homeless man’s Mudiay. They could use some athletic upside up front. Damian Jones is interesting, but probably more of a true center that wouldn’t work with the other two bigs. Maker is interesting. And there’s a couple wings I think they’ll consider here. Malachi Richardson has the basis of a good shot, and NBA length and athleticism (I’m a Syracuse fan for the record), and Denzel Valentine is a fit anywhere piece with experience that can shoot, and is about as smart about the game as anyone left. I think they’ll go Valentine. Adding more seasoned players like Hield and Valentine around Mudiay may be a strategy. That’s what I think they’d do here. That would be good spacing around the bigs and the PnR PG. (I can’t take him in my next entry, because I already did in that thread, but I’d take Maker here I were running the team and he as around. Faried is potential for trade at any moment, and the possibility of an athletic PF with some shooting touch around those bigs and with that PG would be worth the risk for me. Of course he and Mudiay would both probably wind up starting a Marijuana dispensary on a mountain side, which is why I don’t have one of these jobs).
WHAT I WOULD DO: For the same reasons I mentioned above, I’d probably take Valentine here too. That would be a roster I would watch. The other pieces still available just don’t fit, including Brown who already passed on, and even here my logic wouldn’t change.

16. Boston (From Dallas)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Again, Boston’s picks are hard to figure because a trade is so possible. The roster has so many young pieces on it, you’d almost have to think they’re drafting for the Main Red Claws at this point. I could see them being intrigued by Damian Jones here as a rim protecting big that they sorely lack, or Thon Maker as a huge upside project, and Richarson’s upside is interesting, but how much different is he really than James Young or RJ Hunter or Terry Rozier who don’t see the court. Sabonis is still here at this point, along with Dejuante Murray, as the most highly regarded, but neither of them seem to fit. A stash may make the most sense, especially if they really are trying to squeeze two max contract offers to people, or make trade space for a max contract and still have room to sign after. Ainge does like shooting, so I would guess he’d take Korkmaz and stash him for a year at least. They’re probably running out of roster spots on the Red Claws too.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Brown just doesn’t work here at all. That rotation is just loaded, and even has tons of young pieces at those positions. I could stash a player here for the same money reasons as above, but on my side Korkmaz is gone, and Zizic is probably the best piece left, however I have a third first rounder, and I’d rather try to stash someone in that spot, because pickings get slim if I have to stash two Euros. Baldwin is becoming a steal at this point to, but he’s maybe a worse fit than Brown between Rozier and Smart. I would take Damian Jones. A real center who can help at the rim, and the potential spot up a little. That Vandy team just had bad mojo this year, and he may be underrated a bit because of it.
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