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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

21. Atlanta
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: This team is really at a crossroads. They’re way to good to find anyone that might crack their rotation, but at the same time, who knows what their rotation is gonna be. If Horford walks, it could be a huge domino. They’re getting close to having to make a decision between Teague and Schroeder. There are rumors they’re considering a Teague for Nerlens Noel deal, which makes sense if they’re expecting to lose Horford. Turn the team over to Schroeder and Noel, and start seeing what you can turn the other high end vets into, Korver and Milsap. I think they’ll look big here as a way to protect against Horford leaving. Damian Jones has a lot of upside for a big this late. They can still try to hold everything together, and Jones can still add valuable depth up front. Dejuante Murray would be the BPA, but with both PGs on the roster I don’t know how much he fits. Malik Beasley is an interesting combo of athlete/shooter that is probably underrated because of how bad FSU was, but he’s got pedigree, and could fit some on the team as it’s currently built. But I think they’ll take the middle road and try to protect themselves from Horford leaving, while not just throwing the pick away
WHAT I WOULD DO: I have all the same concerns I outlined above, but don’t have Jones’ potential left on this side. Zizic is still around to stash, otherwise the best bigs are probably Cheick Diallo, Brice Johnson, and maybe Stephen Zimmerman. So two undersized scrappers, and a project. I’d rather take Beasley, and try to hold everything together for another stab with this group. If Horford walks, you’re going to have move one of the PGs and start over anyway. Hopefully that can replace your big man hole better than Stephen Zimmerman, or either 6-8 guy. Again, I’m not forgetting Murray, he’s just too ball dominant for my taste when I’ve got either Teague or Schroeder moving forward anyway

22. Charlotte
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: These guys have some real figuring out to do. Al Jefferson is probably worth more there than anywhere else, but I don’t know if they’re going to go nuts for him. They’re tied to Kidd-Gilchrist. Kemba is their identity. And Kaminsky is actually a really good pairing as a pick and pop big with him. Other than that, they have a bunch of mid level wings to try and resign. They could look to replace one here. If he fell this far, they’d probably take a good hard look at Dejuante Murray, even though he’d be a poor fit next to Kemba, and even as a backup, Jeremy Lin is probably a better PnR guard anyway. Malik Beasley is still there, and he’s probably good enough to keep them from having to pay Courtney Lee 9 million dollars a year. Then they can overpay Batum, or put that money into bringing back Jefferson
WHAT I WOULD DO: Murray is still available here too, but I wouldn’t take him with Walker on my roster. I’m looking at the roster, and would love to find some shooting, but there’s nothing there. I’d be better off resigning either Batum or Courtney Lee, or both if I could, and using MKG as a defensive specialist. Or hit the market for someone younger who can shoot it. There is a guy I like way more than most, and I’m at a point where I’d take him. Ben Bentil from Providence. Again, I’m a Big East guy, and I’m certain I’m overrating him. His a touch undersized at 6-9, and not a rim protector, but he can really shoot it, and he’s really well put together, and will rebound. I think he’d be a fascinating fit next to Kaminski. He can guard the more post up types and let Frank freelance on defense more, and now you’ve got two bigs who can spread the floor around Kemba. Bentil is used to a pick and pop roll from playing with Dunn. Let Big Al walk, give Frank his rightful time on the floor, put Al’s money in Batum and another shooter on the wing, perhaps Lee, and move forward with a younger team that has an identity as shooters surrounding Kemba Walker
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