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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

23. Boston
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Third first rounder for Boston, probably second for the Main Red Claws. Should be a hell of a season in Bangor. Again, I preface this by saying I think trades are on the board here. With what’s left, they’d almost have to look to stash a player. Murray is still here, and probably really valuable in this spot, but just doesn’t fit even a little bit. Guerschon Yausele is a guy who’s gotten hot. He’s an undersized PF who’s built like a tank with plus athleticism, but one Jared Sullinger is probably enough. Juan Hernangomez is probably a better fit. He’s more of a genuine stretch four and apparently not a bad athlete.
WHAT I WOULD DO: If it got to this point, you’d almost have to start stashing. Boston has two of the top five picks in the second round as well, and you’d almost be better off stashing this, and then fishing for a lower salary’d non-guaranteed guy at that point. Zizic is still available on this side, and he’s a guy I know the C’s have been linked too. That’s who I’d take. I’d almost prefer Yausele, just because he intrigues me, but all accounts are he wants to come over this year.

24. Philadelphia (From Miami via Cleveland)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: I had Phili taking Simmons first in both sides. They’ve still got to figure out what their combination of young bigs is going to flesh out into. Shooting would really help, as that’s not coming from Simmons. Wing play in general would help. However, all that said, this team looked almost passable for five or so minutes at a clip once Ish Smith came back. He’s off the books, and I’m sure they’d like to re-sign him, but with all these athletes and bigs who need touches around, I think they’ll take Tyler Ulis. The fear of the small in the league is going away. Guys can’t handcheck, so they can get places. And while you’d think the zone defense would make it harder for them to finish, that’s been neutralized a bit by the fact that the zone defense has made it hard for even the best finish wings to finish, as the whole league runs Thibs’ flood the strong side stuff. So having a guy who can get in there and make good decisions is super valuable. I bet Ulis plays and makes a real impact on someone next year.
WHAT I WOULD DO: I hate this pick on my side. Too much to figure out among the bigs to take another project. No real shooting around. Dejuante Murray is long overdue at this point, but this team just traded Micheal Carter Williams a few years ago basically because he was Dejuante Murray. I’ve already got Baldwin and Ulis gone. With everything else going on, I’d consider a stash guy but the best ones left are probably Luwawu and Hernangomez and Zubac. Luwawa can’t shoot it enough for this roster, Hernangomez is hopefully a lousey version of Saric, and Zubac is yet another traditional center. I guess I’ll just take Murray and try to re-sign Ish Smith so I don’t have to play him much. Also I can stop worrying about forgetting about him while writing this.
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