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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

28. Phoenix (From Cleveland via Boston)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Another team with a third first rounder. In this scenario I had them taking Chriss, then hiding Zizic overseas. It’s an interesting roster because they’ve committed to two PGs, have a bunch of young wings to figure out. And now have a PF in Chriss and a young center in Len. They’re in serious best player available mode, unless they’re going to try and stash another player. Yabusele is still available here, and for a team that came into this draft with no PFs, walking out with two guys with such different styles at that position would be a great idea to me. Zimmerman may have more upside, but duplicates Len a bit. Bembry might be intrigueing, but he’d never crack all those wings they already have. Brice Johnson would be worth thinking about as a more traditional PF.
WHAT I WOULD DO: On this side, I had them landing Bender because Boston took Chriss in front of him. I really like the idea of pairing Yabusele with Bender, but he’s already gone on this side. Brice Johnson is still floating around as a traditional PF who can knock down a fifteen footer. And he can really change ends and rebound. He’d be good depth seeing as they had nothing at the position coming in.

29. San Antonio
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: They’ll take Malcolm Brogdon, because he consistently projected in the middle of the second round, and he can defend and shoot, and that’s what they do. He’ll probably replace Danny Green when they trade Green for some random pick that winds up winning the lottery in four years.
WHAT I WOULD DO: I’m not gonna sit here are pretend I’m smarter than the Spurs. I guess I’ll just take Brogdan too. I know there’s smoke about them chasing Durant, which seems crazy, but if it’s got any truth to it, someone like Brogdan might be able to let them move Danny Green. I also know there’s some rumors about them chasing Mike Conley, which seems even crazier because I don’t know what they’d do with Parker, but if there’s concern about Parker, and as much as I like Patty Mills, he’s only a year out, and undersized to boot, Demetrius Jackson has some long term upside at PG. And Michael Gbinijie from Syracuse could give you some back up minutes at both PG and SG.

30. Golden State
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: What does a 73 win team need? Not much. They are identified by shooting and defensive flexibility though, so I’m sure they’ll look there. I actually liked their Kevon Looney pick last year because he has some of that defensive flex to him. The also could be without a center at all next season, so maybe a flier on someone there works. I’m guessing they go with Steven Zimmerman’s pedigree and he can help leverage them when Ezeli and Bogut come off the books.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Zimmerman makes a lot of sense, but I think Bogut is a bit underrated for what he means to that team, and I think they’ll pay up on him, unless something crazy happens before then, like they use that money to sign Durant. I’d be looking more at that depth. Iguadala, Livingston, Harrison Barnes, even Barbosa and Brandon Rush come off the books in the next year or two. It’d be easier to not have to pay up to replace those guys if you could integrate a piece or two to step into those roles. I’d go with Gbinjie, who’s got PG experience so he’d value moving the ball, but still measures out as a SG or even SF, and can shoot it.
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