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Default Re: My Jamison-Dalembert 4 Rashard-Pryzbilla

I wouldn't do it.

Rashard isn't enough of an improvement over Jamison to lose Dalembert and gain one of those hideous backups. At this point, Lewis and Jamison are almost equal in points, 3's, steals, blocks, dimes and even TO's. Even though Jamison's FG% has been awful and Lewis' shooting has been torrid, they are still scoring about the same with almost the same amount of threes. Lewis is a minor upgrade in FT%, but a major downgrade in boards. While Lewis is the stronger player, I like what Jamison can do in the Wizard's offense and I think he can keep up with what Lewis brings.

The other thing you need to think about is the injury concerns of your starting center. Camby has been known to get hurt, and even though Dalembert seems brittle at times, trading him for Murphy, Pyrzbilla or even Ratliff would be a major downgrade. I don't think there's enough value for you to make the trade.
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