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Default Re: Lottery Mock Draft 1.0


this was before I watched his first collegiate game,now I have Rose as the 2nd or 3rd pick in this years draft

also watch out for John Riek,he is in a loophole where they are trying to decide which graduating class he belongs too...if he belongs to last year's class he'll spend this year at prep school then be able to enter the NBA Draft

He currently is Ranked #5 right now for their class of 08
hes 7ft2 240 lbs.
If he dominates in prep school he might just go in the Top 3 this year for the sake of him being a 7ft2 240 lb whos developing on offense and defense but already is an athletic rebounder and good shotblocker

think Saer Sene but 30 lbs heavier and more experience in American basketball
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