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Default Re: Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
true. I've only seen one game of his and it was an all star game. and everytime he touched the ball was a highlight.

but he definitely has some of the nicest HS highlights I've seen.

I'll check him out at Memphis and reevaluate.

I saw two games of his when he was in high school since they played them when I was at Illinois. He's definitely a star, but I question whether he's going to be consistent at the college level. I can't really see him doing that much better than Conley did as a freshman. Which was still pretty damn good. He's pretty smooth, albeit being a stoic player. I haven't really seen much of the court vision everyone talks about, but Kevin Johnson is a good comparison. Before we start saying he's the next Glove.
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