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Default Help me! whats going on!

Steve Nash
Devin Harris
J.R. Smith
Tracy McGrady
Kelenna Azubuike
Rudy Gay
Lamar Odom
Andres Nocioni
Stephen Jackson
Chris Bosh
LaMarcus Aldridge
Francisco Garcia

I thought my team is really good and could have won, but ive been getting owned the last 2 weeks, do you guys think its because JR SMITH LAMAR ODOM and STEPHEN JACKSON havent played yet? or you think i should make some moves, steve nash started off really slow but he had a good game tonight, so did chris bosh... i think i have a pretty good squad but i dont know im getting owned like 7-2 these last 2 weeks, should i make moves or wait for everything to get healthy/ off suspesions also devin harris has a bruised thigh for a couple games but hell be back

Thanks for all the help!!!
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