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Default Re: The big question

How many cats RYU? And was the drama needed? Not really.

Josh Howard-Durant for Billups-Dwest(elbow condition may flare up, remember its not an injury. Something close to inflamation caused by genetics)

You don't need Billups assists. Otherwise you would completely dominate.

Obvious gains are two solid vets with great %'s. Billups is a premier pg. DWest is an underrated PF, CP3's primary scorer and Pick n Roll partner.

JHoward and Durant are mutli-cat players where. Billups and West are simply great at their respective positions.

Great offer. I think the deal is a wash. Howard is a bonafide stud. Durant is a stud in the making.

You think you gains assists but you don't.

%'s and maybe some rebounds...but thats its. The thing is the %'s are soooo beautiful. Deal with it.

You lose pts 10-15 with my rough guestimate.
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