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Default Re: The further adventures...

Friday 6.24.2016 2-hour med impact workout

Crazy day today on the courts. I was playing 3 on 3s and won a set of 3 with my usual over-passing style. I was racking up assists like a madman. Then it was on to a full-court game. We were winning and I guess I was talking too much trash because this little punk started trying me. When I tried him back his bigger brother stepped in and tried me back. I didn't back down and insulted his mother.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Then after constant bickering back-and-forth I finally said "okay, my bad. Let's just play." But the guy wanted to fight. There was no way around it. He was melting down. He put his fists up and started going after me. Nobody tried breaking up the fight. They wanted to see it go down.

He swung at me 4-5 times, missing like a chump.

Now the rest is blurry, but, the guy swung at me and connected with my arm. In my mind I was like "let me surprise him with a kick". I was tired as **** and tagged him with a weak left kick. It was shit. Then he connected with my mouth and my teeth ripped open my bottom lip. I have a scar from the same shit happening a few years earlier on my left so now I'll have scars on my right side. Might be time for plastic surgery. I didn't go down though and his little brother swung at me and I think tagged me in the back of the head. And then they ran off.

I gave them some space to run off and then followed so I could get their license plate. I called the cops and filed a police report when the ambulance came. I was a bloody mess and didn't get a good hit in. There were dudes all around so I'm sure the footage will be somewhere on the internet soon.

I was released a few hours later from the hospital with a broken wrist (I have no idea how) and lacerations to my face and head. I will be pressing charges because I need to pay my medical bills and I have to sue somebody.

Todays lesson: Some people are too stupid to comprehend the concept of trash talk. I knew this already but I have to remind myself that there are some dumb mother****ers out there. I'm too old for this shit. I'm going to keep to myself and stop messing with younger fools that think they are invincible. On the bright side, at least there was no gunplay/knifeplay involved.

Medical ramifications: The hospital used the super glue on me. No stitches used. That's a first. I have 4 staples on the back of my head and a cast for the broken wrist. This is going to be one hell of a medical bill. Got a CAT scan. No concussion. Got XRays, fractured left wrist.

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