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Default Re: Official 2016 NBA Draft Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Dr. Cheesesteak
I like Papa-G. How did he go so far under the radar pre-draft? His scouting vids are awesome. If he gets some defensive fundamentals down and puts on some muscle, what do you think his potential is?

Because of racism. Just look at the threads I posted here about him. Endless and nonstop racism. If a player from USA was posted about, people would consider him.

If it's a Greek player, automatically they get discredited.

This is especially true of those mock draft sites, that are racist against all Greek players.

Spanoulis said he openly dealt with racism in the NBA and that they purposely sabotaged his career, yet not one thing was done about it.

If a black American player said something like that, there would have been a congressional investigation probably.

Just look at the reaction on social media to Papagiannis being drafted, racist comments all around.

It's the same reason obviously why Porzingis was booed and attacked by Knicks fans after he was drafted.

USA is the most racist place in the world, and probably in all of history. Someone from Greece, that is white and plays basketball (in USA culture "only blacks can play basketball") and has a "weird name" is automatically going to be dealing with racism in USA.

As for putting on some muscle, I don't think he needs to gain more weight. That 240 listing is bogus and was from when he was 16 years old. He weighs 278 now, according to the last time he was weighed.

He does not need to keep getting bigger, or he will lose his mobility. 7-2 278 with a 7-6 wingspan is already super massive as it is.

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