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Default bench players ftl

not sure if i had posted this team here, if i did and i got responses on it, questions anyway not just an evaluation:

Chris Paul
Jamaal Tinsley
Hedo Turkoglu
Gerald Wallace
Samuel Dalembert
Tyson Chandler
Corey Maggette

Ben Wallace

i have several of these players on another team i posted, so don't think it's that same one if you helped me with that one...(nobody is taking any trades in that league apparently)'s a 10 team H2H league (last one was roto)

Is foye going to be worth keeping? if so is he better suited as a trader? channing frye sucks so far, nocioni sucks so far and ben wallace is disappointing too...

so, first, how's my team can i improve? wilkins' stat line has been impressive, but will he keep it up and is he worth a spot? do any of those guys (my bench) have any great trade value?

EDIT: i just saw that boris diaw just got he out or not worth the pickup or something?

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