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Default Re: *** USA vs Argentina exhibition game thread, 9pm ET on NBA TV ***

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Nocioni was Real's 10th man last season, and their coach already said he will be their 12 to 14 man this year.

You are back to LIE, because you are a LYING PIECE OF SHIT.

Any person here that watches Euroleague will confirm Nocioni was Real Madrid's 10 man the last 2 years.

And they signed like 4 big men this summer, all of which will be ahead of him on their depth chart.

He is officially labeled as their third string PF and 6th to 7th big man, by both their coach and manager.

An actual Real Madrid depth chart, that anyone that follows Euroleague can confirm:

PG Sergio Llull/Dontaye Draper
SG Rudy Fernandez/Jaycee Carroll/Luka Doncic (13 or 14 man)
SF Jeff Taylor/Jonas Maciulis
PF Trey Thomkins/Felipe Reyes/Andres Nocioni (12 -14 man)
C Gustavo Ayon/Anthony Randolph/Othello Hunter/Augusto Lima (12-14 man)

The coach of Real Madrid even said Nocioni might have to get switched to SF (where he has not played in like 10 years), just to see any playing time at all.

In other words......

Unlike Euroleague I'll admit when I'm wrong. Nocioni was Real's 10th man last year.

But, as you always do, you don't explain the difference between Euroleague and the NBA. In the NBA the 10th man only gets off the bench in garbage time. While in Euroleague, which is more of a whole team game, the 10th man is an integral part of the team as you could see from Nocioni being 6th on the team in minutes played in their final elimination game.

But I admit when I am wrong. Unlike you who haven't responded to your lie of Puerto Rico not being able to win one game in Eurobasket when they just eliminated Latvia (the team that was 8th place in Eurobasket) in the Olympic Qualifier.
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