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Default Re: Luol Deng For Richard Jefferson ???

LOLOLOLOLOLOL your avatar...classic cheap shot...You should add Doug Christies wife behind him...She was there...just over his shoulder

I hate doug christie and his soft ass stance with his wife. Chrisitie is the #1 tool in the NBA...or at least formerly...

Did you know he wasn't allowed to have female interviewers...becuz of his wife.

Wifey goes everywhere and doesn't let him out of her site.

And Christie is a walking talking advocate of Im a panzy that needs my wifey's permission to do anything...

He is an embarassment to men everywhere....

RJ has been extremely not sure he keeps this up...

Deng is a fine player to be giving up....

Getting RJ you gain 3's and.......maybe blks....i prefer Deng should have a fair amount of three point shooters.

Can i get a copy of your avatar...Did you make it?

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