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Default Re: Just traded arenas did i get decent value

I don't really like the deal. Because i think Arenas will turn it around.

Hedo and Haslem combined have better numbers than Arenas.

its a decent deal for you...remember haslem only plays well when Shaq is in. When hes not there imagine his numbers cut in half...lower fg% because of the pressure to score.

Normally when you trade a big name you want a name in return. I personally advocate numbers over in a way your on top.

Let me approach this differently...Consistency. I want somebody with consistency in return for Arenas. Im not sure Hedo will be consistent. Look at last nights game. NBA's top 30 players are there because of consistency. Everybody has talent. The real issue is who can maintain it...

You probably used Hedo's young seasons avg to evaluate the trade. Great numbers by the way.
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