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Default Re: Just traded arenas did i get decent value

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I think he ended up with Bosh and Blake. He started with Haslem and Turk.

You robbed the guy blind in the Arenas deal when you got him...then you got robbed when you dealt him for Bosh.

You dealt Haslem, Hedo and Ben Wallace for Bosh and Blake essentially. To be honest, I am not sure I even like the end result. But giving away Arenas AND BWall for Bosh is very bad, regardless of how BWall is playing now.

i know there paying b.wallace a fton of money but he looks so lost out there and obv his ankle is not even close to 100%... and arenas is playing pretty bad right now and i dont like the fact that he has to get his knee drained so it doens't feel " 5 pounds heavier"

and it doens't look like with the way s.blake is playing that he is going to move outta the starting pos.
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