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Default Re: The further adventures...

Another day of games today as I have been continuing my attempt at keeping a one-game-a-week schedule going and I have realized that, as far as my conditioning goes, biking is helping me tremendously. Almost more than my bball training regimen as far as cardio goes. I like to ride fast so that aspect gives me extra incentive to push myself more than sprinting up and down court. My nutrition and calorie intake is almost at all-time low levels yet I was able to keep up a steady pace of running due to the cycling.

I played several games and as I got more and more tired I kept talking too much shit. I am an old school point-guard that likes to communicate on court but against this lower level of comp it's not necessary at all and most-likely excessive. Plus, I put up shit shots due to pushing myself too hard and not being able to relax.

It's the same deal I have already written about. A need for mental toughness as fatigue sets in, a need for more nutrition to offset fatigue, bla bla bla.

The thing is this, I am going too hard and maybe this is the time, at 37 years old, to sit back and enjoy myself. Maybe not try too hard and enjoy the people and the game yet these guys are competitive and I know I can kick their ass which makes me want to compete.

But maybe this is not my time to compete in basketball anymore.

I'm a writer.

Maybe it's time to take in less calories and more books and tea and preserve my healthy body. The era of competition is over for me.

I'm almost at scrub level now, just happy to be out there and laughing and making a good time of this game of basketball. But my jumpshot can't be ****ed with... leave me open and I can school you.
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