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I never followed up with this thread, but I did wind up buying a set of Steelseries H wireless headphones. They're basically the other top end option beyond the Turtle Beach, and the Astro A50. That's pretty much the list for wireless.

I went through tons of reviews for all of them, and basically they've all got some flaw or another. I wound up not really being able to get the mic to work, and really didn't like the clunky set up. It's a DAK box that goes front and back to the PS via optical and USB. Then there's output settings that had to be changed back and forth depending on if you wanted to use it or not. It sounded great. I can't really complain about that at all, but I'm coming from zero in the headset department. I used them for a few weeks on The Division, and eventually just forgot about it. I did wind up playing with a few people online, and after a few sessions, it didn't even seem all that necessary to talk to each other. But again, online play is really not my thing.

I wish I had just bought the Sennheiser and tried to do the conversion, but at the time I just felt like I didn't have the energy to bother with it. I was more interested in a pre-built solution, and wound up not liking it mostly because it wasn't as simple a pre-built solution as I expected.

I probably should've just gone with the PS Gold, at a third of the price, and apparently they just plug a USB dongle and go.

I know they're making a PS Platinum right now, and there's another company, LucidSound, who released a wireless set called the LS30, that looks interesting, and comes in around half what the other high end wireless stuff costs at 150 bucks.

Simplicity of connection is probably my biggest priority in these things. I just haven't seen anything that has that and is still of good quality.
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