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Originally Posted by BankShot
malik hairston is NOT the #2 SG in the country. I go to the U of Oregon, and i've seen him play every game in the last two years.

Maybe if he laid of the reefer and got in the gym he could be. had him as the #12 top NBA draft prospect at the beginning of last year. By the end he was at 38.

just goes to show what happens when someone flat out doesnt care

Sometimes too much information is a bad thing, i'm basing his ranking on what I have seen, last years Georgetown game and how his skillz match up with other players playing college ball. I like his game more so than Rush or Young and besides those two nobody else is even in that tier of player at the 2 guard spot.

CJ Giles is NOT top 10 anything. Maybe top 10 inconsistent.

Giles can play dude, he is skilled, I think this will be his break-out year.

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