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Default Re: Rank the 25-under Quarterbacks

1. carr (funny thing w/ carr is mechanics wise, he's not even that good. throws off his back foot a ton, but he somehow makes it work. i mean, he does it a ton...almost at a comical level but in a similarly comical fashion, it's usually on target, so why change now? he also throws it kinda side arm-ish)
2. wentz (has all the tools, gotta love his toughness and how much he studies the game)
3. winston (leadership, can make all the throws more or less, needs to get more accurate, especially the deep ball. overthrowing a ton this year)
4. mariota (also needs to get much more accurate on deeper throws and hell intermediate throws too, almost want to put dak in front of him. tends to hold the ball for a bit too long at times, taking unnecessary hits)
5. prescott (need to see more TDs to put him above mariota + more experience, but early results are obv good. he's truly worked on his game a lot in his offseason. maybe the DUI woke him up)
6. bortles (overrated but always making slight improvements. capable young QB)
7. garoppolo (shown flashes, can at least play QB in the league)
8. osweiler (this is where we are getting into the 'sucky' area, i almost put him last. hilarious that he balked on the denver offer. sniffing his own jockstrap way too early)
9. siemian (meh. super meh)

unranked: goff (i mean, he hasn't even played a RS game yet so i don't know how to rank that. coming out of college, i'd rank him in that 5ish-6ish range above though).

where's bridgewater? thought about it more. TB is def in my top 5. how he's left off this list entirely is a joke. most underrated QB in the league in that case. hope he comes bakc and shoves some boots up asses. he's arguably in my top 5 and certainly above the bottom 3. consistently accurate, throws around 65%. best young intermediate passer in the game. 9-8 as a starter without much of AD at times. never had a great receiver until diggs came along late last season. patterson will never be a good traditional WR.

shit, tannehill is already 28?

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