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Default Re: Upcoming future releases: October / November / December

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
I also have a preorder for Tomb Raider on ps4. I might get Battlefield 4. Thorpe, as a fellow Resident Evil fan, are you getting RE7? I have that on preorder.

I wasn't that thrilled with the sample playthrough. And I really didn't care for the last one. Plus this one just doesn't feel like a RE. I don't particularly care for First Person either. In fact I'd say a big factor in my fondness for the older REs was the pre-rendered backgrounds and film like editing. I'm sure I'll get it though.

I just bought a disc version of the Origins collections. I owned the original digitally for PS4, but for twenty bucks I could thin out my hard drive, and pick up RE Zero on the same disc.

Horizon Zero Dawn I just read was pushed to March. Probably just as well if I'm really going to play the stuff I'll buy.

I also just bought another indie game, Virginia, which I'm really intrigued by. And I'd like to finish Life is Strange.
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