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Default Re: Upcoming future releases: October / November / December

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I wasn't that thrilled with the sample playthrough. And I really didn't care for the last one. Plus this one just doesn't feel like a RE. I don't particularly care for First Person either. In fact I'd say a big factor in my fondness for the older REs was the pre-rendered backgrounds and film like editing. I'm sure I'll get it though.

I just bought a disc version of the Origins collections. I owned the original digitally for PS4, but for twenty bucks I could thin out my hard drive, and pick up RE Zero on the same disc.

Horizon Zero Dawn I just read was pushed to March. Probably just as well if I'm really going to play the stuff I'll buy.

I also just bought another indie game, Virginia, which I'm really intrigued by. And I'd like to finish Life is Strange.

I'm so close to getting the RE Origins Collection. Like you, I believe, I never had the chance to play RE O because I never owned a GameCube. I'm also interested in trying out RE remake with modern controls.

I'm still working on some long games. Dark Souls 3 and Witcher 3. I agree, the delay on Horizon Zero Dawn I don't mind.

Mafia 3 is my most difficult cut of the season.
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