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Default Re: introduce yourself Cavs fans

Originally Posted by marny_navis
Alias: marny_navis

Gender: male

Age: 14.75

Hometown: Ida Grove, IA

Current Residence: ^^

Occupation: unemployed

Hobbies (other than basketball): reading, basketball, college football, history, and math not geometry

My Teams: Lakers, Spurs, Florida Gators= Tim Tebow and some skinny kids that can't stop hester on 4th down once out of like 4 tries, Iowa Hawkeyes, San Fran 49ers

Movies: oh idk I'll say Disturbia

TV Shows: The OC, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Danny Phantom, Pokemon before they got the new crappy pokemon

Favorite movie quotes: hehe...

Music: Coldplay, Relient K, Leeland, Death Cab for Cutie, etc.

Books: Harry P, History Books, Chronicles of Narnia, and idk what else as long as it doesn't bore me to hell

Food: italian stuff and crap that doesn't make me puke

What you bring to ISH: Well, I like to think that I'm able to get the ball rolling with catzhernandez, we've started making some progress in the New Orleans Forum. I hope to get some Hawks fans so I can help create constructive discussion for that up and coming team's board, too. I just like to talk sports and try to get other members encouraged to post. Sometimes my stupidity sparks new debates. Hope that's a good thing.

Pokemon..... chronicles of narnia

..."You know how i know your gay, you listen to coldplay."
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