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Default Re: NBA 2k17 review, discussion

Originally Posted by Andrei89
I like :

The new archetypes. 2k16 was all a bunch of player who can do it all. Now, you have so much more variety, especially in my park online. Defenders, playmakers, shooters, shot creators, rebounders and slashers. The park gameplay feels so much more unique compared to last year.

No more players than can shoot lights out from 3, kill you in the post, slash like prime Wade and defend like MJ.

I myself made a PF Lockdown Defender and, once you get those hall of fame badges which you can upgrade, it is sick. You can lockdown just about anyone.

Im sorry but we not playing the same game. The archetypes was a neat idea but there's only 3 archetypes that everyone use.

The sharpshooters and stretch bigs are Op. Ldd and paint protector need a boost. Honestly the other archetypes can do what the Ldd can but with better offense.

Gameplay still feel sluggish and it feels like something pulling you in the opposite direction. Defense still holds no weight.

The grind is ridiculous and boring. There's so many flaws in the game.
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